Ultimate Blog Challenge April 2012 – Day 2

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I’m a big fan of coffee, instant Coffee in particular, as it is relatively easy to prepare …. one of those habits I inherited from my parents. It has been Bru for the major part and then Nescafe, we love both, we are not fussy about it as long as it tastes like the right brew – the right amount of sugar, milk, water and the brown powder of course. MJ, that is my mother makes lovely coffee, a coffee that cures all tiredness, all headaches, all mood swings.. people do knock at her door to say, M, one  coffee please…  and she is there in the kitchen making cups of it making some lovely conversation. And to this day, all her cups of coffee has the same quality — a quality to inherit again that of using measurements, to standardize.

This cup of coffee above …. was one of those instances when I didn’t feel like disturbing what’s in the cup, in spite of it being coffee. I hope the Cafe Coffee Day folks realize there are artists in their kitchen who add wonderful garnish to their dishes and drinks, although they are trained to do them.

For them, the artist in the kitchen, making this eclipse would be a matter of seconds, a matter of routine, however for some customers, this is art in a coffee cup…. one of those art forms we overlook many a time for it is what we consider as value for money. Sad!

3 cheers to that artist of this piece in the cup, I had great difficulty drinking for each sip meant the eclipse was smudged and ending – preserved as a picture and posted for posterity on the blog 🙂

Cheerio …


Ultimate Blog Challenge April 2012 – Day 1

People at Work

I’ve always been interested in observing people at work. Here when I say work, it could mean anything they are doing with utmost care and concentration, a daily routine of theirs they do with expertise. I love dexterous hands.

One of the first I stayed and stared observed  in a public place was at a circulation library I frequented back at home, during school days. There was this man sitting in a corner, covering books with plastic sheets. A young thing then, his desktop was stacked with some neatly cut rectangular sheets in different sizes,  a bunch of sellotape rolls, a pair of scissors, a paper knife and the books he was about to cover them with. The covers came out as if they were part of the books from the day they set out of the print shop. As if laminated. Not a wrinkle to show it was a jacket, nor a sello tape sticker in sight to show it was stuck on to hold behind the covers and minimal use of the plastic sheet. 

These ladies up here, are artists I found them in a cave… yes, their office is a cave where they make pottery to maintain the coolness in the atmosphere.

Spotted n shot: It could be either AB or me as we stood there and admired them working — painting their plane shapes and bringing it life with colours | Location: Turkey, Cappodacia | where each village or town we passed by had a pottery culture of their own | The object: Hittite Wine Pottery Jugs 


The Moment

A Friday moment, a single photo, no words – capturing the week or day or experiences. A simple or extraordinary moment. This moment is a ritual adopted from SouleMama, originally…(my inspiration come from Janu of Memoirs). 
If you are touched by a moment, and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comment section, so I can visit your “Moment.” That makes it a chain of moments I guess… 
Spotted n Shot: Aishu | Model & Picassa Edits : PNA |Occasion: New Year Celebrations, hostel 🙂


Thursday Empty Challenge

The Greek houses at Cappadocia… they left for their land, in the promise of return, some of them… their houses given to the care of their Turkish Neighbours … Preserved, and waiting for their owners to come back…

Spotted PNA & Shot AB, Cappadocia, Turkey

Thursday Gardens with a view :P

The back garden at the guest house we stayed inside a township

And this peacock…

came everyday, evening in particular,

walked around surveying the area through the corridors

On rainy days, it used to sit on a branch on a tree, all drenched, shivering in the cold,

the feathers hanging down like clothes on the lines 🙂

For Garden Pics on this Thursday : click here 

Wordless Wednesday :)

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