Ultimate Blog Challenge April 2012 – Day 4

We had shifted into a new office space, a whole new space, vacant… white… and under construction. There was a lift, yes, and we were on the 8th floor. So we walked in every day in the midst of ladders, and sheets of dust, polishing marble work, painting… very soon there was an initiate for office decoration. Our floor had the theme of movies, my aile was assigned action-animation- what more than decorating my desk with x-men. A fun time, when printers got jammed because of excessive printouts, the printers went mad at the number of commands that came to it for delivers! The place was a heaven of creativity, paper, scissors, glue, paint, and what not… the first prize went to someone who transformed her cubicle space into a football field of the Brazilian players, each player in their position on the field 🙂 Fleeting memories

Spotted n Shot, a friend from office | Location: My Desk 🙂

Meme Details:



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