Ultimate Blog Challenge April 2012 – Day 2

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I’m a big fan of coffee, instant Coffee in particular, as it is relatively easy to prepare …. one of those habits I inherited from my parents. It has been Bru for the major part and then Nescafe, we love both, we are not fussy about it as long as it tastes like the right brew – the right amount of sugar, milk, water and the brown powder of course. MJ, that is my mother makes lovely coffee, a coffee that cures all tiredness, all headaches, all mood swings.. people do knock at her door to say, M, one  coffee please…  and she is there in the kitchen making cups of it making some lovely conversation. And to this day, all her cups of coffee has the same quality — a quality to inherit again that of using measurements, to standardize.

This cup of coffee above …. was one of those instances when I didn’t feel like disturbing what’s in the cup, in spite of it being coffee. I hope the Cafe Coffee Day folks realize there are artists in their kitchen who add wonderful garnish to their dishes and drinks, although they are trained to do them.

For them, the artist in the kitchen, making this eclipse would be a matter of seconds, a matter of routine, however for some customers, this is art in a coffee cup…. one of those art forms we overlook many a time for it is what we consider as value for money. Sad!

3 cheers to that artist of this piece in the cup, I had great difficulty drinking for each sip meant the eclipse was smudged and ending – preserved as a picture and posted for posterity on the blog 🙂

Cheerio …


7 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Challenge April 2012 – Day 2

    • Janu,

      After my visit to Turkey and seeing the varieties of tea and drinking habits, I’ve fallen in love with the drink as well… tea served in those shapely handle-less cups made of glass on rainy or cold days… the warmth of the tea flows through the fingers as well as with each sip … and the colours of the different tea preparation… anybody will fall in love 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. What great work – I love that you noticed and cared to take a picture. Amazing how much of enthusiasm people put in to their work – like the housekeeping staff in the hotels who arrange the towels to look like animals!

  2. Coffee is my choice of poison… I do enjoy a good mug of coffee especially my morning one! Rarely do you see such work like the one above in the coffees!

  3. Hello.
    I love coffee, but try to limit myself to only one or two cups per day. That cup of coffee looks so pretty, I wouldn’t want to disturb it. Someone obviously take great pride in their work. Wonderful shot Aswathi! Thanks for sharing.

    Day 3: Cosmopolitan Flower

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