Finger Tricks


9 thoughts on “Finger Tricks

    • Handmade and yet to be removed from the potter’s wheel from Turkey… When one of us tried it, they said it would take a minimum of 12 years for any of us to learn the art to perfection!

      I loved the caves inside which they make and sell them 🙂

    • It was still fresh and a touch would had left an imprint, when the pic was taken 🙂 Didn’t get this one, but got something else

    • Me too… and the ease with which the potter was doing it, makes all of us think that we could give it a try and come out with something similar! Managing the wheel speed with his legs and his hands on the clay… it is some technique.. There were even some potters who used a machine instead of the wheel, automatic… less physical effort, but the job at hand of making these beauties still remains an art

    • Haaa 😉 I wish! May that was a general statement so that they don’t have to face competition from us 😉 😛 You have… I’m so J Saks… I would try to have a go too…

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